Older men, according to audience tracking surveys, can’t wait to see “Super 8,” the Spielbergian science-fiction thriller that opens on Friday. But those guys aren’t known for racing into theaters. Box office glory for “Super 8” this weekend will turn on turning out a young crowd.

To that end, Paramount Pictures on Thursday will stage an unusual stunt intended to create a surge of chatter on Twitter. Imax theaters and top-performing multiplexes –- some 325 locations across the country in all –- will host afternoon sneak-peek screenings of “Super 8” and customers will be urged to Tweet about it afterwards using #super8secret. (These shows will be available to anyone who buys a ticket, however; you do not need to use Twitter to attend.)

Paramount will also hold a handful of private screenings on Wednesday night for Twitter users with large numbers of followers.

If the reaction is as positive as Paramount hopes, the studio will have created an online brush fire on behalf of the film. “Word of mouth now travels in minutes so we thought, ‘Let’s activate these people’,” said Rob Moore, Paramount’s vice chairman.

Back in March, Paramount introduced the final trailer for the film via Twitter and was pleased with the results. “Super 8,” which was directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg, features a mostly unknown cast in a 1970s-era story about a group of friends who witness a train crash caused by a supernatural force.



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