Organized in response to Hurricane Sandy, New York-based Art Production Fund and the Standard Hotel have teamed up to present “Global Rainbow.” It is an outdoor laser installation over the skies of New York City by American Artist Yvette Mattern. Located on the the rooftop of the standard high line hotel, seven beams of high power laser light are projected over communities heavily affected by the natural distaster.

The visual exhibit of light aims to symbolize hope and act as a call to action to support the communities that were devastated by the hurricane. Visible for up to 35 miles depending on atmospheric conditions, the rainbow-like laser beams illuminated the night skies from November 27 – 29, 2012. despite its significant range, the lasers used a minimal amount of power, approximately 24 amps or the equivalent of two hairdryers.

“Global Rainbow” Standard Hotel & Art Production Fund – Yvette Mattern



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